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Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
5:24 pm - Anyone recognize this symbol?

Under the cut for sizeCollapse )

I was out walking home the other night on Hawthorne by Cesar Chavez and saw a bunch of stickers all over with this symbol. Anyone know what it is? Looks kinda like someone took the male and female symbols, turned them upside down, combined them, then added a couple crescent moons. There was no text, just this symbol.

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Friday, April 23rd, 2010
3:23 pm - Multnomah County Commissioner Disctrict 2 candidate forum!

Oregon Action is hosting a candidate forum for the Multnomah County Commissioner seat in District 2!

Tuesday April 27
5:30 to 6:45
5431 NE 20th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211

Come listen to Carol Kollymore,Chuck Currie, Loretta Smith, Paul Van Orden, & Maria Rubio talk about issues ranging from gentrification to jail management to crisis mental health services for people who call the police in distress.

Oregon Action leaders will ask questions of the candidates and facilitate audience question and answer.

Join us to hear from the candidates!

(FYI, District 2 is made up of North Portland and some of NE Portland; see a map of county districts here.)

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Thursday, March 25th, 2010
3:00 pm - Getting Down to Newport


   Hello all. I need to get to Newport Oregon by the 27th, and am presently in Portland. I'm not from around here so I have no idea how the buses and such work around here. I've posted to craigslist for rideshares but haven't gotten so much as a spam in response.

   If anyone knows anything about public transit options to get down there I'd very greatly appreciate it (or if you or someone you know is driving down there that would be ideal). Thanks!

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Monday, March 8th, 2010
4:59 am

Is there an apple store within walking distance of the train station in portland? Or an easy bus ride?

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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
2:59 pm - Part-time PSU student stipended positions hiring (DACA Coordinators)

The Portland State University Disability Advocacy & Cultural Association is hiring three paid part-time student Coordinators. Applications are due this Friday. Position descriptions and application instructions are under the cut.

DACA Coordinator, Events Coordinator, and Outreach Coordinator positions hereCollapse )

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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
10:29 am - Computer Inoperative


My computer's fan has failed, leading to "thermal events", leading to automatic shutdowns to prevent overheating. Anyone able to advise me on repair options in Portland? I do not wish to take my computer to the Best Buy Geek Squad con men I suffered the last time I had a problem, and I do not know local computer businesses well.

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Monday, August 3rd, 2009
7:39 pm - Job and Housing Help

Hey guys. I'm hoping the Portland community will be as helpful as I've found the Tacoma LJ community. You see, currently I reside in Tacoma WA. At the end of the year, my best friend and I are planning on moving down to the fine city of Portland. Right now we're in our preliminary planning stages. She already has a job but I need one. I'm interested in child care or with special needs children and people. Any suggestions? Also, we'd like to move into a 1house, preferably with rent around $800 a month, with two bedrooms. Where's a good part of town to look in?
Thanks in advance

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Friday, June 19th, 2009
1:52 pm - PDX: femme picnic! it's tomorrow! see you there?

queer femme pride picnic
(allies welcome & encouraged to attend)

saturday june 20, 2009
grant park (aka romona park) LOOK FOR THE BALLOONS
ne 33rd ave & us grant place -- off trimet lines: 73, 9, 33
this park is accessible (incld bathrooms) more info here: http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/finder/index.cfm?PropertyID=167&action=ViewPark

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
9:47 pm - Radical Amazing Dental Self-Care Workshop with Wyatt Riot!

Radical Amazing Dental Self-Care Workshop with Wyatt Riot!


march 14th
1pm - 3pm
in other words bookstore – 8 ne killingsworth st – wheelchair accessible – all $$ goes to IOW - $1 - $500,000,000 sliding scale no one turned away

wyatt riot, local homoheartthrob / dental assistant is putting on a radical dental skill share!!!!

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Friday, February 27th, 2009
4:30 pm - ONE DAY SALE! 40% off EVERYTHING!


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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
10:01 am - pdx: rad dental self-care workshop


Listen Up!

wyatt riot, local homoheartthrob / dental assistant is putting on a radical dental skill share!!!!

Learn how you can:
*%*Improve your Oral health - -practice home dental self-care - - perfect your flossing / brushing technique - - and More*%*

(there might even be dental self-care goodie bags if you're sweet)

check it:

wyatt riot is a dental assistant who has worked in a private dental office in se pdx for two years. this nerdy queer bird graduated from apollo college in 2007 and enjoys learning about oral health and teaching people about it -- or sharing gross stories. he feels that there is not enough knowledge about oral health that is reachable to the general public and feels this should change. he is not a dentist and everything he says is not a "professional opinion" so - remember that kids.

u into it? Thought so.

so we need to know:

a) that you're into coming!
b) what do you want to learn? what questions / concerns / interests re: oral health care do you have?
z) what time works best for you? wednesdays around 5pm or saturdays around 1pm?

get back to me asap so we can set the date and make it happen.

wyatt and starla
fagtastic @ gmail . com

ps: repost. tell ur friends.

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Saturday, January 17th, 2009
4:34 pm - Get one while you can!

My friend made these and all proceeds are going towards his medical bills. It's an Obama Inauguration Day commemorative print. Its a two color linocut block print. He has them for sale for $30 if you or anyone you know may be interested. He also has 6 for sale printed on 1/8" Finnish Birch plywood for $50.


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Monday, October 13th, 2008
5:26 pm - electronic music: an offering and some questions for all

Please realize, when I say electronic music, I hope you realize that consists of much more than techno.

Think things like aphex twin, lemon jelly, underworld, orbital, autechre, DJ Spooky.... some local options of reknown behing dahlia (ok they have a singer too, but the music is most certainly electronica) and auditory sculpture, solovox, copy, dat'r, jatun are more what I mean when i say electronica.

So part one:
If you're interested in electronic music, making it or enjoying it, you should join this new mailing list that hopes to encompass everything from events/free music/networking/gear talk/music talk/etc as it progresses.


Part two:
What do you think of electronic music? What is what you think based upon (ie what have you heard that you liked or didn't like). Are you against it conceptually? Why? Furthermore, whether you like or dislike, what do you think of music and vocals... have to have it? don't care? prefer not? etc. If you like the two together, how do you like it?

Primarily, I'm interested in having a discussion here about music pre and post these new level electronics that allow a mass of one man bands; what you think of this newer sound, what you think of what it means for music, what you think of what it means for the music industry, etc and so forth.

Anyone want to bite?

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008
4:35 pm - Lecture/Discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Oct. 12th
jadedhippo Jeff Halper, anthropology professor and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize candidate, is the executive director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, a grassroots activist NGO in Jerusalem resisting the Israeli occupation on the ground and one of the first Israeli peace groups to work inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories. As he explains, “we are against the Israeli policy of occupation and displacement. If you create an apartheid situation, if you lock another people into prison, in the end, you cannot develop a healthy, normal, and prosperous society. The Occupation, conflict, terrorism, and settlements all affect the Israeli society and economy. As long as the Occupation continues, Israel itself cannot be free.”

Come for his lecture and then participate in the question and answer discussion afterwards. Invite your friends from off-campus, as well. This event is open to the entire community and we would love to have a diverse crowd. More information on ICAHD can be found at icahd.org.

This will be at Reed College (3203 SE Woodstock Blvd), in Vollum Lecture Hall, at 7 PM (Sunday, October 12th). Hope to see you all there, and invite your friends!

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Monday, September 29th, 2008
2:57 pm - x-posted around portland communities

my partner is looking to start school @ portland state, in about a year or so. if i wanted to live somewhat close to campus (no longer than a 15 minute drive; walking distance would be ideal), which areas, by name, would i look for when scouting for apartments?

also, any areas that you think i should not consider, and why?

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11:10 am - Holistic Moms Parenting Group - Portland Branch Open House Oct. 2

Fellow LJ-er patagonia and myself have started the first Portland Branch of the national nonprofit parenting group. Holistic Moms.

It's not just Moms it's for Dads too, both of the working or stay at home kind.

Our goal is to develop a thriving local community of holistic parents with a wide range of interests. Our chapter will kick-off its activities with an Open House on Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at the Beaverton Community Center (Sycamore Room) located at 12350 SW 5th Street in Beaverton. Come on out and help us to get the chapter started, get connected to other like-minded moms and dads, and catch the excitement of our new community! The Open House is free and open to the public and we encourage expectant parents, grandparents, caregivers, parents, and children to attend!

From their national site, http://www.holisticmoms.org:

Are you a parent who is interested in holistic health and green living?

Do you follow an "alternative" parenting style?

Are you looking to connect with other moms who share your perspective?

Whether you are a holistic parent or are interested in learning more about natural options, then the HOLISTIC MOMS NETWORK is for you!

Parenting is a tough job. It's even harder when you are choosing to do things "differently" -- whether that means seeking out holistic therapies for your family, eating organic foods, living green, co-sleeping, homeschooling, fighting commercialism, or trying to live simply. But there are moms out there just like you who are seeking to nurture their children and to empower themselves!

Holistic Moms Network (HMN) members share a common bond: a desire to be the best parents possible by providing our children with a physical, psychological, and spiritual environment that will nourish them and allow them to reach their greatest potential. To nurture our children, we strive to educate ourselves and to make choices that will enable them in mind, body, and spirit.

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
3:55 pm

hi everyone,

I am a 29 year old female who immigrated to this country a few years ago. I've been living in Southern CA since that time (cuz that's where my parents brought me) but I am finally getting the heck out of here. I mean I like where I live (overall) but So Cal is a bit hallow, there's no real sense of community and I just want out.

Thankfully I got into Lewis and Clark Law School and also University of Washington Law School. So right now I am debating between living in Portland or Seattle.

I am leaning towards Portland because I have heard so many great things about the city and Oregon in general. So I am now venturing to ask YOU what you like about Portland. What are some great places to live. My boyfriend will be moving with me and we can afford about $1,350.00 for an apartment/house and we would like to live in a nice area that's not in the Suburbs. We want to live in a more urban area but also want to live in a location that has a sense of community and tons of shops, etc. for us to walk to. I don't want to drive places... cuz that's what I have to do now in So Cal and I can't stand it. I just want to live in a great community with chill outdoorsey non pretentious people.

So can any of you give me advice about what your city is like, what are some great up and coming places to live? what do you like the most? what do you like the least? what's the job market like? cost of living? just give me all the dish to get me pumped.

This is the first time that I'll be living away from my family since we moved to this country... so I am a little bit apprehensive.


My BF just got his degree in Mechanical Engineering and he would like to work for firm that does sustainable energy, etc. kind of like wind/water/solar power or a green construction company. So do any of you know of firms that do this type of work ANYWHERE in the state of OR?? it does not have to be in Portland.

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Sunday, August 17th, 2008
12:07 pm - The Human Canvas Project is almost here... THURSDAY August 21st!!!

Tonight is our last rehearsal before the day of, and things are going GREAT!

We've all put a lot of time, effort and yes, even money into making this happen. It happens at the Fez Ballroom (316 sw 11th) THIS THURSDAY August 21st, and only costs 7 bucks.

This, of course, being many girls nude/semi nude onstage painted white, with video/images/etc projected onto them from 5 or so sources while my musical outfit, Sad Music for Happy Humans, makes thick mindfuck music that builds to utilizing dubstep/dnb/electro/live sampled drum beats. Since this is happening

Afterwards will be some sweet IDM/breakbeat music by the esteemed DJ Tan't, and longtime Portland music makers Ryze + Fall and DJ Harp will be giving us all some great LIVE Drum and Bass and Dubstep to dance the night away with.

I do hope you'll all attend, there is a great buzz going on about this show and I think it's going to end up being fabulous! But it will be moreso if YOU are there.... come say hi!

More info can be found at


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Saturday, July 5th, 2008
11:24 am - Portland: Siamese Cat Hit By Car: Needs Help


UPDATE 7/05 11:AM CDT: I spoke with a young lady at the emergency animal hospital this morning, and it appears our little friend may have a broken jaw. They're feeding him intravenously at this point but, sadly, not enough money has been raised to have him treated.

I'm hoping that enough donations will come in before they have to transfer the cat to the country shelter (perhaps a soon as Monday), where no one knows if he'll be treated and put up for adoption or simply put down. I was told that the little guy is alert (albeit frightened) and that he did do a little purring this morning.

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008
9:57 pm - Post Portland

Why is it that this community has such a low posting rate? The other two city communities I belong to have much more volume. Is there a better Portland community I am missing or are we just not coming together with our city information whether that be funny, newsworthy or simply observations? If there isn't any other place to post, come on Portland put down something in writing.

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